The Heart

In the heart of a woman there lie many hidden secrets. Not that they are intentionally meant to be secrets but just hidden away thoughts, fears, intentions…day to day yearnings for a closer relationship, a more meaningful life, an ongoing to do list, or maybe just a need for a moment to hide away with a good book and a cup of coffee. Whatever it may be, the heart of a woman is a deep and vast place that can be bubbling and overflowing with love and positivity or it can be a dark and lonely place corrupt with fear and anxiety. In my own heart I know that there are days that bobble on the verge of both. In the past few days I have read stories of Godly women being broken by sin and turning more to the world than to God. I am torn on the decisions being made and astonished as to what happened and why. My heart hurts for the broken, for the battered, for the betrayed. Today I had a realization. I want to stand up. I want to speak truth. I want to help mend. I want to be used by God for His kingdom and for His purpose. Deep down my heart knows this has been a calling for far too long. A call left half answered, unattended, and hidden in the depths of my heart. I am scared…timid…anxious. I am excited…ready…convicted. My knowledge is weak and my understanding flawed however I will seek wisdom and discernment from the Word of God. I do not know the path this will take but I know God has a plan and will lead the way.

To be continued…


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